7 Telltale Signs of Dog Bladder Infection 0

Are you plain fed up with taking your dog to the vet to get treatment for dog bladder infection?  Urinary infections are commonplace, especially in female dogs, but you could save yourself a lot of trouble and your dog a lot of pain by learning to spot infections early

What to Do When Your Dog Has Kennel Cough 0

As part of socializing your puppies, it is but normal to let them engage in play with other dogs, but the one thing that you may have to anticipate is them contracting kennel cough from their canine friends. This is caused by airborne virus which gets into his trachea

Important Information About Puppies 0

What Do You Know About Puppies? Puppies are probably the cutest creatures in the world! Average size puppies usually weigh 0.5-1.4 kilograms while bigger puppies weigh 6.8 – 10 kilograms. Experts consider puppyhood the most important stage in dogs’ life; they learn so many things in only a few

Can Hedgehogs & Terriers Get Along? Socialization is an Issue! 0

The Answer: Yes, absolutely…with a properly socialized terrier you can! Terriers, by breeding, are hunters. Most terrier breeds were used to root out vermin and pests, and assist in hunting fox, weasel, otter, badger, etc…Our 5 terriers are great little hunters and still have great instinct. They love chasing

English Bulldog Massage 0

Your vet may be able help you massage your dog in a firm and practiced manner, but for those that want to try it out at home here are some basic steps. Make sure that your dog is on a firm but soft surface, like a carpeted floor. Starting

Preventing Basset Hounds From Digging 0

Digging is common to dogs even to Basset Hounds. Though they are not naturally working dogs that hunt by digging, they still have the tendency to dig. There are various reasons why dogs dig. Some dogs, such as terriers, dig in search of moles or rodents. Some dig to

3 Stages of Pregnant Dog Symptoms 0

The animals have several common natural phenomenons just like the humans have in their life span and pregnancy is one such natural phenomenon. It is commonly seen that most of the dog owners keep their pet away from being crossed with others, when they are on their breeding period.

Why Are Poodles Popular? 0

The Breed of Poodle’s Popularity Poodles are a very popular dog breed. Poodles became the most popular breed in America maintaining the number 1 position from 1960 to 1982 according to the American Kennel Club. This is a reign of 22 years being the number 1 dog breed, the

How To Rid Bichon Frise Dogs Of Fleas 0

Imagine you are hugging and playing with one of your Bichon Frise dogs. Then, all of a sudden you notice small grains of what appears to be dirt and realize those are fleas? Fleas are blood-sucking insects that feed both on humans and animals. Aside from draining your dog’s

5 Tips for Buying the Best Dry Food For Your Dog 0

If you have a pet dog and you are going to buy him some quality dry food, you should be careful. Feeding the wrong food to your animal may make him sick. So, use the following tips to be on the safe side and make the right choice. 1.